Emmy Rossum’s transformation is breathtaking

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The level of technical artistry and magic that went into creating this character was incredible. It was hard, every day, sometimes 7 hours a day in makeup before we started shooting. It was painful, with blisters under the latex, sometimes it was hard to breathe with the weight on my chest in the heat, my vision was blurry most of the time with the double contact lenses, but it was truly a gift. These artists are a gift. It allowed me to disappear, to imagine, to create. It was humbling to watch them work and bring it every single day.

I didn’t want to let them down. Through it all, we just kept reaching for the effervescence, the lightness, the pink. To find humanity through the layers of latex. Thank you to these incredible human beings who put me together every day with tape, string, paint, 2 contacts in each eye, and pvc piping in my nose. We kept each other smiling and every day was a humbling challenge.